Ismini Samanidou Ismini Samanidou


Warping, Threading, Weaving, Drawing (Digital video 13 min 02 sec)

This film was made on location at the Joseph and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut, USA, by architect / artist Simon Barker. The parts of two 'Structo Artcraft' looms that had belonged to Anni Albers, and been used since her time at Black Mountain College in the 1930s, were repaired and restored to working order by Ismini and Simon. The film documents the slow, meditative process of Ismini Samanidou making a Japanese paper thread warp, threading it onto the loom and then weaving.

The film has been exhibited at the Anni Albers retrospective in K20 in Dusseldorf between June and September 2018 and is part of the Anni Albers exhibition at Tate Modern from October 2018 until February 2019.
"Dérive" hand woven silk and paper.

Detail of new work for The Most Real Thing: contemporary textiles and sculpture at the New Art Centre, Roche Court 15 September - 4 November 2018

"Dérive" hand woven silk and paper.

Detail of new work for The Most Real Thing: contemporary textiles and sculpture at the New Art Centre, Roche Court 15 September - 4 November 2018

Detail of installation at Le Fil des possibles, L’espace de l’Art Concret, Mouans Sartoux, France December 2014 - May 2015.

Including: Hand weavings; a ‘Heddle Construction’ by Ismini Samanidou and Simon Barker (using 600 heddles that had belonged to Anni Albers, tied with antique harness jacquard thread to create a hanging structure); films of Ismini weaving on Anni Albers' looms and a sound piece by Simon Barker.

Detail of handwoven work developed during the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation residency exploring drawing and weaving. Exhibited at Le Fil des possibles at Espace de L’Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux, France, December 2014 - May 2015, and the Weaving and We, Hangzhou Triennial , China, August-October 2016.

Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Residency

An invitation to take up a three month residency at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Connecticut, USA. An invaluable time and space to explore new territories within weaving drawing and photography. Supported by Arts Council England, the Worshipful Company of Weavers, and Whitworth Art Gallery.

Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Residency

National Theatre Textile Commission

A commission to make site specific works for the newly refurbished Mezzanine Restaurant in the National Theatre as part of NT Future, a major transformation project.

Sketch pieces for the commission are shown at Future Heritage at Decorex, as part of the London Design Festival 2014. The exhibition is curated by Corinne Julius and brings together contemporary designers who work to commission.
National Theatre Textile Commission

The work consists of fourteen panels. The pieces developed respond to the architectural space, the place and its people; with design elements used to create the patterning on the textiles. According to their location the pieces reflect their surrounding space and invite the viewer to a rich textural surface. Working with architects Howarth Tompkins.
Weave Waves

A collaborative project with sound artist Scanner exploring a shared interest in location and mapping. The two resulting textiles are a visual and sonorous interpretation of place, representing the very personal – a breath, and the communal – the hum of the city.

Commissioned by the Crafts Council for Sound Matters, an exhibition about sound and craft.(Photo Nick Moss)
Weave Waves exhibition dates

Iona Gallery, Kingussie, Scotland, 1 June – 30 June 2013
St Fergus Gallery, Wick, Scotland, 6 July – 3 August 2013
Inverness Museum & Art Gallery,Inverness, Scotland, 10 August – 7 September 2013
Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston upon Thames, 2 October – 23 November 2013
Topography: Recording Place, Mapping Surface

Solo show bringing together work that investigates surface, stories and place through woven textiles and ranges handwoven textile studies, jacquard woven wall pieces and a range of collaborative works with Simon Barker, Gary Allson and Sharon Blakey.

Venues so far: Crafts Study Center, Farnham, UK; Center for Craft Creativity and Design, North Carolina, USA; Elisabeth Shaw Gallery, Utah, USA.
Creating clouds - work in progress

A body of work attempting to capture the transitory surfaces of clouds. Visual research, photography, paintings and drawings exploring the theme of clouds, place, time and change and can be seen as alternative landscapes in the sky. The textiles are woven on hand loom and on an industrial jacquard loom using cotton, linen, silk, paper, metallic yarns and wool.

2009 ongoing
Woven Films

A collaborative project with artist architect Simon Barker exploring the immaterial quality of textile shadows and clouds through film.

2012 ongoing
Craft Code

Work developed in collaboration with Gary Allson exploring 2d and 3d form through wood, weaving and drawing. Shown at the Wills Lane Gallery.

2011 ongoing